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Simply put, we love books, and we love helping talented authors even more. But let's face it, in today's environment you have two choices: land an agent willing to represent your book and shop it around to publishers for you to sign away your rights and most of your royalties, or navigate the laborious and often highly complicated path of self publishing.


Now, authors have a third option: White Pine Publishing & Consultants. Our goal is to help you focus on what you love—writing!  We handle the hard parts that you don't want to deal with, everything from editing and formatting to publishing and marketing. We have one mission at White Pine: help make your dreams come true.  


Maria Lindbloom and her husband Gunner know the struggles of publishing and marketing a book. Gunner is a successful novelist of a two-part series called To Be A King, heralded by fans and readers as "the next Godfather." They both love books and the art of storytelling. Over the years, Gunner has interviewed hundreds of authors, from first-time self-published to Pulitzer Prize-winning NYT best sellers, while Maria assisted authors with self-publishing headaches and obstacles. What they both discovered is that all authors face the same challenges. When they grew tired of hearing horror story after horror story about vanity publishers, marketing scams, and the endless obstacles aspiring authors face when publishing new books, they decided to turn their services into a formal business. Marketing seemed to be the toughest hurdle for authors. Editing, proofreading, and formatting a book is only half the battle. So while Maria's role is to help authors with all the technicalities and specs of self publishing, Gunner's main focus is helping authors sell their books via media campaigns, advertising, and podcast/radio appearances.


Success is not defined simply by having a published book. Success is defined by reaching your target audience and selling books. Of course, the goal is to sell books and make money, but sometimes impacting the lives of readers is even more important. Books change lives. They can be everything from inspirational and motivational, to great escapes and adventures of the imagination. How often have we read a book that changed us? Your book could have that effect. First, though, you must deliver a polished, compelling product. Second, it's critical you reach your target market.


At White Pine, we help you do both.


Maria - owner White Pine Publishing.JPG
Maria Lindbloom,
Owner, Head of Publishing, Editorial, and Audiobooks

Maria has over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, including sales & marketing for Brilliance Publishing, an audiobook division of Amazon Publishing. She's an avid reader, having read or listened to thousands of books over her lifetime. Maria is the backbone of the publishing, formatting, and book creation process for our customers, ensuring that every aspect is exactly how our authors want it. When Maria isn't working, you'll catch her out in the wilderness with her hubby, Gunner, usually with earbuds in listening to audiobooks or editing podcasts for Conviction Radio.  

Gunner WP.JPG
Gunner Lindbloom,
Master Storyteller, Writer, and Social Marketing Guru

Gunner is the creative, marketing, and media campaign mastermind behind projects too numerous to name. As an accomplished author of the infamous "To Be A King" novel series, Gunner knows what it takes to successfully self-publish a book. He's currently ghost-writing both a screen adaptation for a novel and will be starring in his own biographical documentary. He's the co-founder of Conviction Radio, a new Christian talk radio station, and has a personal and professional network that spans across the globe. When Gunner has any free time, you'll find him in a remote river, brook trout fishing or in his tree stand, bow hunting for that trophy buck.

Bill Crooks,
Executive Producer, Art & Design, and Tech Wizard

Bill is the host of the wildly popular "Partners-n-Crime" true crime podcast, and co-founder of Conviction Radio along with Gunner and Maria. Bill is a talented cartoonist, graphic artist, and producer of numerous radio, podcast, and YouTube shows. He is Gunner's "ride or die" and together they make a dynamic duo in business and creative media. When Bill isn't behind the computer or mic, you'll find him camping with his family, usually with a good cigar in one hand and a whiskey in the other.


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