Practical Instructions for living with Joy and Dying in Peace.

From the author who brought you Homespun Insight, come essential elements for tackling life and death with ease and grace. It’s all here in one volume. If we want to die with a smile on our face then we must first learn how to live with a smile on our face. We talk about life and death as if they are opposites and yet they are not. Death is simply a continuation of life in a different form.

Everyone wants to be happy. But for some people it takes a lifetime of doing the wrong things before they get it right. How to Die with a Smile on your Face is a “How To” book filled with age old secrets guaranteed to bring you the answers that you desire for more happiness.

Follow the learning path of Steve Michaels that defines who he is today. Discover what depths it took for him to write his own obituary and how he turned his life around to one of success and happiness.

Gain the insight and direction that millions of people are looking for in today’s trying times.

This is the ultimate in “How To” books that cuts to the chase of becoming happy... before you die so that you not only die with a smile on your face but also live that way as well.

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My Living Package

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PLEASE NOTE: The CD's, book and the Workbook (How to die with a smile on your face series) are powerful life-changing tools for growth and life assessment but they are NOT intended to be a substitute for legal advice or medical care, or are they designed to replace sound financial advice, research or fiscal responsibility. If you are dealing with any sort of mental or emotional disorder, are undergoing psychotherapy, are experiencing seizures, or have any other neurological or neurorespiratory disease, we suggest that you consult your physician or therapist and use this program under their supervision. In the "Reflections Course", the Last Will and Testament is used as a guide only and should not be construed as a will that can be copied as the laws are different from state to state. Neither Steve Michaels nor Whitepine Publishing LLP assumes responsibility for your improper use of any of these programs.