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"In this 2 part CD, the author and narrator shares stories from the lives of individuals he's met on his life journey that are compelling, heart warming and inspiring. He also provides practical life application such as how to save, invest and spend money wisely, and how to plan your life so that you can live, and die, in peace.

His ability to speak plainly about the secrets of life makes this audio presentation the primer for any student seeking spirituality outside the norm of rules, dogma and regulations.

Listen as Mr. Michaels uses the analogy of revolving doors and fishhooks to get his point across regarding the strength and necessity of forgiveness. Become involved as Steve tells about recording his first record in high school using that powerful secret: thought + emotion = manifestation.

With over 2 hours of recorded material, Mr. Michaels hits the highpoints of how to die with a smile for anyone who wants to live in peace but more importantly to die with a smile.

This poignant narration covers such material as happiness and the law of karma, from goals, dreams & bucket lists to the power of gratitude. It also encompasses the important aspects of getting your affairs in order to the thought provoking idea, “Everything that happens to you – you choose”. From learning how to “Be in the Now” with Mr. Michaels own personal meditation that he used every morning to how to manifest anything you want, this two part CD is a compilation of age old secrets in an easy to listen format – that anyone can understand.

The TOP 10 Secrets of How to die with a Smile of Your Face is a jewel that unravels the mysteries of life making it even easier to die with that smile.

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My Living Package

Book and CDMy Living Package includes the 2 part CD with over 2 hours of recorded inspirational stories entitled “The Top 10 Secrets of How to Die with a Smile on your Face” along with the 278 page book “How to Die with a Smile on your Face”. Save money by purchasing both items.

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PLEASE NOTE: The CD's, book and the Workbook (How to die with a smile on your face series) are powerful life-changing tools for growth and life assessment but they are NOT intended to be a substitute for legal advice or medical care, or are they designed to replace sound financial advice, research or fiscal responsibility. If you are dealing with any sort of mental or emotional disorder, are undergoing psychotherapy, are experiencing seizures, or have any other neurological or neurorespiratory disease, we suggest that you consult your physician or therapist and use this program under their supervision. In the "Reflections Course", the Last Will and Testament is used as a guide only and should not be construed as a will that can be copied as the laws are different from state to state. Neither Steve Michaels nor Whitepine Publishing LLP assumes responsibility for your improper use of any of these programs.