About the Author

Steve Michaels CMH (Certified Master Hypnotist)

Steve Michaels and "John of God" in BrazilSteve Michaels and "John of God" in BrazilMr. Michaels is an author and futurist who discovered the depths it took to write his own obituary through a life changing experience which turned his daily existence around to one of success and happiness! Mr. Michaels is first and foremost an entrepreneur having started over 12 successful businesses including a business broker firm which he has run since 1979. His outstanding expertise in metaphysical topics have made him a sought-after media consultant; including being interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Fox News nationwide regarding the controversial Terri

Schiavo “Right to Die” case. His life centers on introspection, self-awareness, and self-growth.

Mr. Michaels believes that what happens to you – you choose... either on a conscious or sub-conscious level. He maintains that happiness and success in life are a derivative of personal growth, of discovering who we are, and embracing the uniqueness that is individual to each of us. He is a published author, accomplished painter, hypnotherapist, pilot, alpaca rancher and a photographer of note.

Mr. Michaels is a student of life and is continuously looking forward to the changes of the future with much anticipation. He

has spent a lifetime working on his spirituality as well as being an active member of the community once serving as the charter president of Toastmasters and the president of the local Chamber of Commerce. He takes pride in his accomplishments that have given him great insight into life as he shares them with you through the messages in his book How to Die with a Smile on Your Face.

His latest “Bucket List” project was the building of a Hobbit House as an enchanted private lodging facility on his property in Montana which can be seen below. He lives in the mountains of Trout Creek, Montana, with his wife Christine, where he conducts his different businesses and carries on the many pursuits that intrigue and beguile him.