“The choice you make as you read this may well determine whether you die with regrets – or with a smile on your face.”

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How to Die With A Smile On Your Face Book CoverHow to Die with a Smile on Your Face

So many people spend their lives searching for meaningful relationships, enlightening moments and spiritual growth. Author Steve Michaels, author, entrepreneur, owner of the highly publicized 'Shire of Montana" is a certified hypnotist and constant student of higher consciousness who shares stories that embrace the forefront of understanding of how to achieve a higher sense of self enlightenment to master whatever it is that you want to achieve in your everyday life.


Nurse Bronnie WareI stumbled across the remarkable Bronnie Ware while doing some research on the Internet. During her many years as a palliative care nurse, she was at people’s bedsides during their final hours, when the naked truth about what’s important in life finally came into sharp focus for them. Can you imagine a more valuable source of wisdom for how we should live than people in the final moments of their lives, as they look back over it all? So what were their regrets? Just as you’ve heard, it was not the things they did. It was the things they DID NOT do. And you also won’t be surprised to learn that they mentioned things like love, friendship, and perhaps most of all: spending your life doing what you really want to do! Despite your having a sense of this, let me guess: you spend most of your life doing things you DO NOT REALLY ENJOY OR VALUE! That’s the way I spent the first half of my life, and it’s just plain crazy! "Whatever happens after you die, this is your ONE SHOT (at least, in this life!)." You cannot afford to waste one more day!